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Youth and the VIPD

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This section of the VIPD website belongs to the children, parents and teachers of the Virgin Islands. It is intended to be a forum for youth to discuss concerns and issues as they relate to law enforcement. It will be a portal to promote the many youth programs in our Territory and recognize both the adults and the youth of the Virgin Islands who are committed to preventing lawless behavior among young people.

The Virgin Islands Police Department continues to foster positive relationships between the youth and law enforcement through our community outreach programs. VIPD Commissioner James H. McCall fully recognizes that the territory’s future viability is dependant upon its youth. “Relating to and understanding the challenges and concerns of the territory’s school aged children, at a fundamental level, remains one of the department’s top priorities. It is critical we assure they remain at the center of what we as a community are striving to achieve.”

The site will feature stories on such programs as D.A.R.E., the launch of a VIPD Explorer group on each island, The Law and You and other great programs through which VIPD sponsors, mentors, coaches and/or partners with the territory’s greatest assets – its young people.

The following is merely a taste of this new site focusing on our future…the youth of the Virgin Islands. We all certainly look forward to your ideas and recommendations. Help us make this a fulfilling and relevant portal for our youth and educators.

Law & You Program

The Law and You is a program, developed and implemented by Officer Roy Chesterfield in 1999, was engineered to inform students about the laws by which they are governed. The program teaches students about responsibility and the consequences should they involve themselves in criminal activities.

With the dedication and leadership of veteran law enforcement officers the program educates young people on the vital role they play in achieving the community-wide goal of a safe and prosperous Virgin Islands by educating high school students on the criminal justice system and providing them with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a responsible law abiding citizens.

"I whole heartedly support this program in its efforts to educate our children to the dangers of society. The manner in which this program is conducted, providing realistic encounters, is a valuable tool that provides lessons beyond the scope of the classroom. The approach taken to reach our students is worthy and insightful. I applaud the creative manner in which Officer Chesterfield makes the dangers of society's ills realistic and tangible to the students. This program is an excellent tool that will positively impact our young people and reinforce the importance of staying on a positive path throughout life."
Sharon Ann McCollum
Ivanna Eudora Kean High School

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