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St. John Man Arrested For Multiple Counts Of Damage To Vehicle

June 13, 2019

Cruz Bay, St. John USVI - On June 12, 2019, 911 received calls for a disturbance going on in the Starfish Market, Cruz Bay.

Officers responded and discovered that a male individual, Jahkoy Bolques, age 23, who is a local mental patient, had an episode in the area of Starfish Market. He took a metal object to the Starfish Market parking lot and damaged approximately 30 vehicles.

Officers responded and arrested Bolques without incident. He as charged with multiple counts of Damage to vehicles, Delaying and Obstructing and Disturbance of the Peace. He was transported to the Schneider Regional Center and was admitted to Behavioral Analysis Unit for observation.

Preliminary investigation revealed Bolques was an employee at the Starfish Market, reported to work an hour early and subsequently started to act in an irrational manner.

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