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Police Investigate Threat Received by Student

December 19, 2012
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St. Thomas/ St. John Chief of Police Darren Foy responded to a report of threats received by a student at the Gladys Abraham Elementary School on December 19. The chief said the department will “aggressively pursue” anyone who makes threats against residents, especially children.

Police were told by school officials that a minor student received a phone call at her home from a caller who threatened members of the school administration. School officials also admitted to police that they have received threatening phone calls at the school from unknown persons. Police immediately took precautionary measures, which included canvassing the entire school including the grounds and buildings.

Chief Foy said “I want to reassure the community that the VIPD will aggressively investigate these cases. We do not take these threats lightly, we take them very seriously. The VIPD has no tolerance for these types of threats whether they are made over the phone, in person, via the internet or by any other means. Chief Foy advised the community that every threat or even the possibility of a threat should be immediately reported to police and the school administration.

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