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Brothers Arrested for Reckless Endangerment

December 03, 2012
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Police on St. Croix arrested two brothers, Angel and Antonio Ilarraza and charged them with First Degree Reckless Endangerment. Criminal Investigation Bureau detectives conducted an investigation into the discharging of shots in two separate areas that occurred in November. Officers requested warrants for the Ilarraza brothers’ arrest from the VI Superior Court, which was granted.

Officers said 21-year-old Angel Ilarraza, also known as "Lusito" discharged shots in the Profit Hills community and 18-year-old Antonio recklessly fired shots in Estate Williams Delight. Both incidents occurred on November 15. The brothers were arrested on November 30 at about 12:30 p.m. They were held on bails of $500,000 each and remanded to the custody of the Golden Grove Adult Correctional Facility pending further court action.

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