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Police Commissioner Novelle E. Francis, Jr. on the Convictions of Enrique Saldana and George Greene

February 03, 2010
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Novelle E. Francis, Jr."We are all hopeful that a bleak chapter in the history of the Virgin Islands Police Department has come to a conclusion with the convictions of Enrique Saldana and George Greene. The accused have been convicted by a jury of their peers. Now it is time for the VIPD to move forward."

"This conviction has sent a strong message to the community and to members of the department. As Police Commissioner I will not waver in my commitment to weed out those officers who choose to cross the line into criminality. My officers will make the choice – to proudly wear the blue uniform or to shamefully wear the orange jumpsuit. Through this verdict, the community has been assured that police officers are not above the law and cannot hide behind their shield."

"I want to reiterate that the actions of Saldana and Green do not reflect the actions of the entire police force. I want to assure the community that the police officers you encounter every day proudly wear the badge and serve this community. They adhere to the Cannon of Police Ethics and conduct themselves in a positive and professional manner. As we go forward as a department we pledge to work together with the community to make the Virgin Islands a safer community for visitors and residents alike to live and raise their families."

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