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Legal Counsel

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Sherri N. Lewis, Esq.

Legal Counselor
  • (340) 774-2211

The position of Legal Counsel to the Police Department has evolved.  When created, it was filled by an Assistant Attorney General assigned to the Department by the Attorney General.  While assigned to the Police Department this Legal Counsel still answered and received direct orders from the Attorney General.  As the duties required of the position expanded to areas not the practice of law, the need for an individual that was directly answerable to the Police Commissioner became evident.  As the position was already established and budgeted in the Police Department, the title was kept, pending any future reorganization, even though the duties and responsibilities had evolved beyond legal. A more correct title for the position would be: Confidential Advisor or Counsel.  The Attorney General is the legal representative of the Government and its Executive Agencies and provides all legal requirements of the Police Department.

The current duties & responsibilities of the Counsel are:

  • Confidential advisor to Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Directors, Chiefs, and Deputy Chiefs.
  • Manage & coordinate labor issues.
  • Review existing and proposed legislation.
  • Assist in the preparation of testimony and comment before the Legislature.
  • Assist with correspondence for Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner.
  • Review policies & procedures, rules & regulations, General Orders and Directives
  • Coordinate and manage modifications, & updates.
  • Assist and coordinate contract administration.
  • Coordinate and manage legal issues.
  • Act as liaison with other Executive Branch departments, agencies & instrumentalities.
  • Act as liaison with Federal agencies.
  • Act as liaison with Community Integration Team (CIT) and other community groups.
  • Other duties as assigned.
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