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P.A.L. (Police Athletic League) Program

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  • P.A.L. is a police and community sponsored juvenile crime prevention program that offers recreational, educational, cultural and social programs to youth while strengthening the bond between the police officers and kids.
  • P.A.L. is America‚Äôs largest crime prevention program designed to prevent juvenile involved crimes and to reduce the number of juveniles arrested by providing youth with a safe environment, meaningful activities and positive role models.
  • P.A.L. is a program that promotes greater trust and understanding between youngsters and officers.
  • P.A.L. is more than a athletic program, more than a friendly neighborhood baby sitter. It is a very potent crime deterrent. Its an opportunity to reach the youth before they get into trouble. Some of the components of the Virgin Islands Police Athletic League are academic enrichment, character development, recreational activities and community service.
Studies have shown that youth who interact favorably with police officers gain an early respect for the law and lessens the chances of them being involved in criminal activity. 


  • To serve all youth.
  • To steer them on the right path.
  • To instill good health habits, good sportsmanship and high morals and civic standards in youth.
  • To help fulfill the need for recreational, educational and social activities that are designed to deter crime and rehabilitate the youthful first time offender.
P.A.L. focuses on team building, conflict resolution and developing positive self esteem and self worth in youth who are surrounded by negativity on a regular basis.

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