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Criminal Investigation Bureau

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Lieutenant Naomi Joseph                  Lieutenant Shelly-Ann Cannonier
 St. Croix District Chief of Detectives                 St. Thomas/St. John District Chief of Detectives 
(340) 712-6067, (340) 712-6037                  (340) 715-5529 

Mission Statement

Every victim of crime must be empowered with fairness, equity, and results from the criminal justice system. The Criminal Investigation Bureau shall use all its resources and energy to provide for the successful resolution of criminal cases assigned. Keeping the victim's welfare and justice shall remain paramount. To do less is an injustice within itself!

The Criminal Investigation Bureau's (CIB) assignments are the investigation of all felonies and serious crimes, recovering stolen property, assembling both witness and physical evidence to identify and apprehend criminals, and preparing youth and adult criminal cases for prosecution. CIB activities are substantially 'after the fact' focusing on the development, organizing, and the execution of investigative techniques that would lead to the arrest and eventual conviction of criminal perpetrators at the court level.

The Criminal Investigation Bureau is separated based on district, and under the authority and control of the Chief of Police. The Commanders of CIB are given discretionary authority relative to the day-to-day operations. CIB consists of the following eight (8) Sections:

  • Criminal Investigation
  • Forensic/Identification
  • Latent Print Examination
  • Youth Investigation
  • Domestic Violence
  • Criminal Records
  • National Crime Information Center
  • Evidence and Property Room

Under the direction of the CIB commanders, the eight (8) sections/units based on their unique missions as prescribed by the Virgin Islands Police Manual, provide for follow up felony investigation, crime scene processing, domestic violence investigations, juvenile investigation and referrals, criminal record checks, NCIC processing, in addition to services such as civilian fingerprinting and job employment background checks.

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